Ondine Sibelius: Kullervo Johanna Rusanen
Ville Rusanen
Estonian National Male Choir
Polytech Choir
Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra

Commentary by Hannu Lintu

Recording the magnificent Kullervo by Sibelius has always been my dream. This piece tells about the essence of my home country more than any other work of art. Its modernity is still striking and the youthful power of Sibelius is awe-inspiring. This recording is made after a series of concerts celebrating the centennial of Finland and it was an immense pleasure to work together with Finnish and Estonian top choirs, Johanna Rusanen, Ville Rusanen and the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra in this very special project. My starting point has been the ancient language of Kalevala and its influence on the rhythms and motives of Sibelius’ music. I hope this approach will add something special to the devastating drama of Kullervo.


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The album

A fresh new recording of Jean Sibelius’ (1865–1957) early breakthrough work by the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra under its conductor Hannu Lintu. This recording with two male choirs, the Estonian National Male Choir and the Polytech Choir, and soloists Johanna Rusanen and Ville Rusanen, brings up the full drama of this gigantic 70-minute work which during Sibelius’ lifetime was often referred to as a “symphony”. The work tells the story of Kullervo, a tragic hero drawn from the Finnish national epic, the Kalevala.

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