Ondine Lutosławski: Symphonies 1 & 4 Jeux vénitiens Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra

Commentary by Hannu Lintu

Recording these powerful pieces has been a journey full of musical joy. Lutoslawski’s music is challenging and scintillating, always rewarding for the audience and musicians. It’s no wonder his music has influenced so many contemporary composers. This is music composed by a real musician, it speaks the language of our time in a most humane way.


BBC Music Magazine “Recording of the month”


Klassik Heute Empfehlung



“All are played with searing energy by the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra under the lucid baton of their chief conductor, Hannu Lintu, in equally successful performances that render any relative rankings of these pieces entirely redundant.”
BBC Music Magazine

“Captured in brilliant sound, this recording makes an unbeatable introduction to Lutosławski’s world.”
BBC Music Magazine

”This new Ondine recording with conductor Hannu Lintu is easily an instant recommendation”
Jean-Yves Duperron, Classical Music Sentinel



“The Collaboration of Hannu Lintu, the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra and record producer Laura Heikinheimo is the highest international level.”
Jukka Isopuro, Helsingin Sanomat

“Hannu Lintu undoubtedly has an intuitive feel for Lutosławski’s aesthetics. He extracts a lot
subtle sonorities and dramatic scores from the rich scores and RSO musicians play on top of their abilities.”
Mats Liljeroos, HBL

The album

Witold Lutosławski (1913-1994) is one of 20th Century’s greatest composers. He is also a remarkable symphonist. The three works on the present disc performed by the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra and conducted by Hannu Lintu, represent three important stages in Lutosławski’s career: his 1st Symphony, one of his earliest significant works; Jeux vénitienswas the first work in his best-known stylistic phase; and his 4th Symphony remained his last extensive work.

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